WINTER PAGEANT 2013, "A Pigeon's Tale"

Masks for Redmoon Theater's annual Winter Pageant.

In 2013, Redmoon collaborated with with Hip Hop dance company The Happiness Club, Mexican clown artist Fernando Córdova Hernández, Indonesian Dance of Illinois, Kalapriya Dance, Pineapple Dance Studio, aerialist Helena Reynolds and the surf-rock band, San Andreas Fault to create this holiday show.  "A Pigeon's Tale" was layered with spectacle, myth, and magic.  After an evil raven steals the light of the world, a pigeon and dove are chosen to journey through forest and sea, meeting masked animals, acrobats, and puppets who aid in their search to rescue the light.  

Molded leather masks, handstitched, dyed, painted, and appliqued with fur and rhinestones.